What is the best toddler bath sponge

 what is the best bath sponge for toddlers

Regardless of whether you’ve got a fussy toddler when it comes to bath time, you can greatly improve how enjoyable bath time is with the bath toys and bath time washing accessories you give them.  With the right set up and routine, you can make bath time great fun for you and your toddler.

What’s the most hygienic bath sponge for toddlers? 

We often think about what skincare we use to wash our kids, but little about what we’re scrubbing them with. That’s even when sponges, loofahs and wash cloths can all be terrible stores of bacteria, growing in warm and moist bathroom environments.

Read more about how much bacteria grows on your bathroom sponge or loofah.

Hygienic ways to wash are important for small children and toddlers because their natural skin barrier is weaker than adults. Children under 5 years old have skin 5 times thinner than mature adults. That means what we put in contact with their skin really matters.

Learn more about how children's skin is different to adult skin and how to look after it.

A sponge or loofah should be replaced every 6-8 weeks because of the bacteria it grows, but how often do we do that within our family bathroom? There’s also no effective way to clean standard bath sponges. 

We designed our Pebbl silicone scrub as the most hygienic way to wash everyone’s skin. Its non-porous silicone surface means you don’t have problems cleaning it. You can even put it in the dishwasher to disinfect it if you want to. You don’t need to worry about replacing it either. 

pebbl silicone bath time scrub

What bath sponge is gentle enough for baby and toddler skin

Because children have a more vulnerable skin barrier than adults it can make their skin more sensitive to skincare ingredients and wider contact with things in their world.

what bath sponge should you use for children with sensitive skin

Making sure you have super soft and gentle materials in whatever sponge you’re using is important to avoid abrading or over exfoliating more sensitive skin.

Because toddler skin is thinner, exfoliation should be very mild, if any at all. The gentle silicone bristles of our Pebbl bathtime scrub were designed with this in mind. They’re softer than synthetic sponges and because Pebbl is designed to get your toddler washing themselves, they know just how much pressure to apply to their own skin.

What bath sponge washes toddlers the best?

When you’re washing toddlers skin the aim should be to use a minimal amount of soap, and keep bath time short to protect your toddlers natural moisturising factors.

A bath time sponge for toddlers that allows you to wash them quickly and is economical with the amount of soap you need will actually help support their skin barrier do its job.

Mild exfoliation to remove dirt and dead skin cells will help prevent bacteria build up, prevent irritation and help rejuvenate cell growth.

Our own Pebbl bathtime silicone scrub makes it easy to wash your kids with a small amount of soap because it foams within the cavity of the scrub itself. That means you can use less soap (foam make the soap go further) and means you don’t need to spend a lot of time scrubbing.

What bath sponge will help my toddler learn to wash themselves? 

whats the best bathtime sponge for toddlers to help them wash themselves

Washing young children is more about building up a great habit for life than it is about getting squeaky clean.

Learn more about why you should teach your kids to wash themselves at a young age.

In fact, the biggest reason to give your toddler regular baths, is not because of the dermatological benefits for their skin and scalp, but because of the routine and habit building it gives children from a young age.

So bathtime for your toddler is really about giving them the tools to learn how to wash independently. That doesn’t mean leaving them alone in the bath, which you should not do for toddlers. It means giving them the right accessories to learn how to wash themselves.

We designed our Pebbl bathtime brush to give kids the best wash today, but more importantly, let them learn to wash themselves. The soft, squeezable silicone outer, means they can exercise their basic palmar grasp to push out the lather from within the cavity of the brush to be able to wash. That means soap goes further while they get a great, super soft, gently exfoliating wash all over.   


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