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👌  Teach your kids hygiene habits when they're young.

👌  Unique ergonomic design for little and big hands alike.

👌  The most hygienic way to wash. Food-grade silicone - free from BPA, latex, lead, and phthalates.

👌  Perfect for sensitive skin. Uses super-soft silicone bristles.

👌  Waste less. Uses less soap and never needs replacing

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Pebbl is free from BPA and made from LFGB certified food-grade silicone.

WARNING: Not for self-use by children under 3 years of age in case small silicone bristles break off.

WARNING: Do not leave young children unattended in the bath.

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Even young kids can learn to wash

Pebbl is shapped for little hands and dispenses and lathers soap with just a squeeze. Happy days!

how to wash your infants hair using the Pebbl bahttime cleansing brush
Latherfuls of fun to help your child figure out washing.

Add soap and shake, ready for your kids to dispense, lather and scrub the way they want to.

Kids can do the dirty work

Kids learn best when let them get hands on. Pebbl is the tool that helps your child learn to wash while having fun.

Pebbl bath time cleansing brush for kids
when should your kids learn to bath or shower themselves
Motor skill development starts young

Pebbl empowers kids to wash head-to-toe with confidence. It gets them using fine and gross motor skills in order to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

GRASP inspires confidence

We love making parents and kids feel like champions, whatever the routine. We've made head to toe washing easy with Pebbl so you can enjoy the moments that matter together.

what age can your kids learn to bath or shower themselves

Pebbl FAQs

Open the silicone cap on the back of the brush, add a little soap (less than you usually would apply - Pebbl is very efficient), add a little water from the bath or shower, close the cap, shake and squeeze the brush till the foamy suds appear. Get scrubbing!

Read a complete guide on how to use the Pebbl silicone bathtime brush here.

Pebbl is made from non-porous food-grade silicone. So unlike traditional sponges and loofash it doesn't trap and grow bathroom bacteria (yuck!) that otherwise stays on your washing acccesory until it makes it's way onto your skin. You can also stick your Pebbl brush in the dishwasher to give it the full clean if you're worried about surface bacteria.

Yes, our super gentle food grade silicone is perfect for gently washing and mildly exfoliating all sensitive and delicate skin.

The Pebbl has been designed to be used for children and adults. Children should not bathe alone and children under 3 years should not use the Pebbl themselves. But the Pebbl is designed for little and big hands alike so whether you're washing your kids or washing yourself, Pebbl is always the best way to wash.

The Pebbl brush is the only bath or shower accessory you'll ever need. Unlike traditional sponges it wont disintegrate over time and it's non-porous surface means you can clean it easily rather than replacing it every 6-8 weeks like sponges.

Pebbl comes with a stylish adhesive hook for your bath or shower wall - whatever the surface - and a silicone strap that doubles as a loop for hanging your brush. Open the cap, rinse and shake out the Pebbl brush once you've finished using it and then hang it by it's strap on the hook for easy acess and quick drying.

Pebbl is designed to fit in kids hands, with a wrist strap and simple design to make it easy to dispense soap in a controlled way that get's them clean without waste. Read more about how to get your kids learning to wash themselves here.

Yes it is hygienic to share the Pebbl. We've designed a range of colours to meet everyones preference if you'd rather not share and want a Pebbl for all the family, but Pebbl uses non-porous food-grade silicone so it doesn't trap and grow bacteria. Unlike a sponge or the brisltes on your toothbrush, Pebbl doesn't need replacing because of bacteria growth. A simple rinse at the end of your wash makes it fine for the next person to use as long as they don't find it icky!

Pebbl is a bathtime or shower time scrub that's perfect for sensitive skin. The silicone bristles are incredibly gentle and wont cause irritation. The silicone bristles also don't store bacteria so you wont be spreading bacteria onto more fragile sensitive skin.

Adding soap to the cavity of the Pebbl brush with a little water and giving it a good vigorous shake before you wash will activate your lather ready for dispensing as you squeeze the brush. If you're not getting much lather, add a little more soap and water to get the balance right. Keep squeezing as you scrub to keep on dispensing the lather all over your hair and body.

Pebbl is not designed to replace your bottle of soap. If you hang the brush up with soap in you might find it slowly leaks soap over time through the sift holes at the base of the bristles. Add soap to the brush for each time you wash, or add more if you're bathing several kids at once, but once you're done with bath or shower time, rinse out the remaining suds and hang the brush to dry.