There's more to parenting than 'getting the job done'
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When we (Brook and Shreya) became parents in 2018, we faced a very different world to the one in which we had been raised. But the world of baby care and children's health and hygiene was stuck in the past.

We found that kids products were so often designed for adults to do all the work, and weren't made with kids in mind at all.

While they did their best to serve parents' short term needs in 'getting the job done', no one was thinking about helping kids learn for themselves and why that might be better for both parents and children in the long run.

GRASP is giving kids the best start in life by teaching them personal care habits that last a lifetime
The best habits start young

It's amazing how fast children can learn in their earliest months and years.

Rather than making them passive spectators in everything from cleaning mucky faces and hands after meals to the full bath time routine, we want to make our kids active learners. We want them to know both the 'how's' and 'why's' of great health and hygiene.

And it helps that when kids are doing it for themselves, it saves us a bunch of time too!

A better wash today, more confident kids for a lifetime.
pebbl bath time cleansing brush helps kids learn to wash themselves in the most hygienic way possible

GRASP is changing the way kids relate to caring for themselves.

Better tools and more sustainable materials - all designed for children to use themselves - means better health & hygiene today, and the essential skills to look after their bodies in the future.