Weekly roundup 43: Water of life

The weather is very October-y here in London. While for many that means cozying up with a nice book and living their best #pumpkinspicelatte life, I find it a little trickier myself. Between the head-to-toe insulation of waterproofs required to step outside each morning, stopping the laundry from piling up faster than the clean clothes can dry, and keeping the kids entertained indoors, it all just feels so... October-y!

So, today's email is all about things that make it a little more cheerful - and with half-term around the corner, things can only get more golden.


First things first: get the laundry out of the way

hang your family laundry up in the winter inside using a lakeland air dryer and save money on electricity

The only thing worse than having laundry up drying in the precious space of a small London flat is... letting it pile high indefinitely. Dryers are quick but environmentally and electrically costly - though sometimes needs must! - instead, a heated drying rack is a happy middle ground. I've had this one from Lakeland (in standard size) for about 7 years and it can dry a full load over a day.

Games for all ages

board games for kids of all ages from orchard toys

If staying indoors, like me you might not have a ton of space for the kids to run about in. Orchard Toys make wonderful board games for ages 18 months and up - from silly sounds to rhymes and counting, there's lots of age-appropriate options. A lovely aunty and uncle got Sleepy Sloths for my kids a couple of years ago - it's remained a firm favourite ever since.

Babies can splash about while safe and dry

tummy time sensory water play mat for babies

Fill this mat with water, inflate the outside with air, plonk your baby on the top and they're good to go. With vivid colours and gentle splish-splashing noises, it keeps them entertained while they strengthen their neck and core muscles. 

Going out? Waterproof in style

H&M terrazzo waterproof trousers for kids make it easy to take your kids to the playground in the rain

I've realised that when a toddler wants to jump in a puddle they don't just need wellies for their feet, they also need their legs (i.e. the SPLASH ZONE) waterproofing. I really like this terrazo-style set of trousers and matching jacket.

A million things to do over half term

ideas for things to do with your kids in october half term from bablands blog

I really enjoy Bablands' blog - a treasure trove of ideas for being out and about in London. Again, many options of things to do for all ages, areas, and budgets.

And finally, something completely different: bagels

papos bagels are a great family lunch destination in hackney east london

I came across these bagels last week (at a 3 year old's extremely cute birthday party) and they're... well they helped me understand why people can be obsessed with bagels. Started in lockdown and with nationwide delivery, Papo's bagels come in a range of sizes and flavours and with some other-wordly cream cheese "schmear" options. Worth the price tag.

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