Weekly roundup 40: Use your head

Happy Wednesday folks! Did you know that your body uses sleep to fix up your cardiovasular and immune systems, work on brain function, regulate hormones (that control your stress levels, appetite, and other things), consolidate memories and so much more? 

As much as we might diligently schedule  nap times for little ones, it can be easy to compromise our own sleep  to fit in everything else we want to get done in a day. But if you're stressed, tired, hangry or under the weather, perhaps what'll help you get everything else done is a good night's sleep? Much to think about.


The HEADS Up tummy time mat is back in stock

Heads Up tummy time play mat is back in stock

So many of you have been asking about it so it feels AMAZING to tell you that the Heads Up tummy time mat is back in stock. I literally got the green light on it 3 hours ago so you heard it here first!

This mat sold out SO quickly the first time round, and it's another limited drop. We've loved hearing from you about various neices and nephews and friend's babies you want to buy this as a present for - my only reccomendation is to not delay! HEAD over to our online shop now!

Your HEAD (hair) would look great with these scrunchies

between dusk and dawn etsy store for scrunchies

I have no financial incentive to share this with you, but I can't stop telling people about these gorgeous scrunchies. Made in London by the delightful Pamela, they've increased my up-do game by 1000%.

Honestly, I've come to appreciate a lot more in the last 12 months how much effort goes into starting and growing a small business - the care and attention to detail alongside the sheer beauty of these scrunchies is so worth championing! PLUS you get a 10% discount if you use the code GRASP10 to place an order by 31st October - make sure to check out the swoon-worthy phone charms too!

A view of the new HEAD of state from outside the UK

Heads up on the new head of state in the UK King Charles 3rd

The world is not the same as it was. If you're looking for an outside perspective, read this take in the Washington Post of what King Charles III now has to face up to in his new role on the global stage.

Use a whole HEAD of garlic for this confit garlic goat's cheese toast

confit garlic goats cheese toast

Garlic, goat's cheese, garlic, honey, garlic, sourdough, garlic. I love this and everything else by Mob Kitchen. Get the recipe here.

And finally, something completely different: Heads, shoulders, kneez & toez

KIG head shoulders knees and toes

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