Weekly roundup 39: Autumn essentials

It's been a strange few days, hasn't it? Whether you're a diehard monarchist or not, the death of Queen Elizabeth is a moment of huge cultural significance in Britain. For some it's a time to grieve, for others a time to consider the monarchy and what it stands for (and has stood for in history).

All this to grapple with while also getting back into routine. Having now done the school run for... (checks notes:) six days, I can tell you, it's a lot! My oldest has started reception and there is much newness - new people, new routines, new rules - but I imagine there's a degree of it for all school kids. And for not-kids too. Just this renewed energy to get life organised after the lazy days of summer.

In GRASP news, as you will have seen, we're absolutely HYPED to have launched the Pebbl, and thank you those of you who have bought one. You are truly our biggest supporters 🥺. I'm desperate to know what you think - you can leave a review here if you scroll down.


Spotlight: Margaret Zablocka, founder of Onoco, an app to keep track of how your little one is doing

 margaret zablocker founder of onoco development tracking app for kids

As much as we want to be present in the moment with our kids, we also need to keep track of a multitude of schedules and milestones as we care for them. Onoco helps us to do exactly that, and their mission to reduce the mental burden of caregiving is super inspiring to us - not least because it helps to share these important things with the other grown ups in a child's life. Read more from their founder in our Spotlight series.

PLUS check out our Instagram for a GIVEAWAY to win a beautiful Pebbl alongside a premium subscription of the Onoco app. You're welcome 😉

There's nothing stopping you from being a 'creative' person

yodomo creative inispiration

Yodomo is an incredible initiative that provides anyone of any skill level with the knowledge, materials and community to develop crafting and making skills for fun or production. With a host of online courses, workshops and kits, you can for sure find something you'd love to get good - or better! - at, and things to do with kids too. Plus, for those living locally, they currently have a creative reuse hub based at Hackney City Farm where you can join  up to get amazing free materials for making. Check it out!

Families that rave together stay together

big fish little fish raves for families

Big Fish Little Fish have been ~orchestrating~ family raves since 2013. It's very much what it sounds like: turn up to a club with kids in tow, plausibly in fancy dress, get a drink and rave to your heart's content. The music is quiet enough to be WHO-approved for baby ears, but loud enough to "still feel like you're in a club". Their spot at Fabric in London later this month is sold out, but you can see their other events here.

And finally, something completely different: what's happening to all the flowers at Buckingham Palace

 flowers at the parks near buckingham palace after the queen died


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