Weekly roundup 38: Done and dusted

Hello from this side of the bank holiday! How's your summer been? I've fully lost track of what day it is, personally, and I kind of like it this way. There's a restfulness to being off-routine - whether that's on holiday somewhere or just changing the pace of school/work/family life at home - knowing that at some point normal life will return, but not yet.

With the GRASP shop back open, it's also been nice to see some of our products reach you out there, and to look at what other kids' shops/parents/carers/entertainers are doing. That got me to thinking: who are some of your favourite insta accounts to follow for inspiration for time with kids? Hit me up with your recs 📧  I'll be sharing more of them in this email going forward - more like the old days of SUDS, as old-timers will remember. 😉

After a quiet summer at GRASP HQ, where we've been truly humbled to find out how many ways a shipment can be delayed, we're now setting our sights on September, when our beloved Pebbl will launch. Find out more here (and you know we love a good waitlist discount).


School supplies; accessorise

Kidly school supplies

This is not an ad, I just really like the aesthetic at Kidly. Honestly, it can be expensive, but the quality of their stuff does hold up. They've currently got 3 for 2 on school supplies - everything from backpacks to paint sets to packed lunch essentials. If you're prepping for the new term this week, they've got you covered - and you can rest assured the goods will last all year long.

Where to organise a playdate with friends across London

Barbican squish space sensory play for toddlers

For those of you with younger bubbas, you might also be considering the season ahead. One thing I have found tricky in the past was organising to see other friends with young kids, especially if they didn't live right on my doorstep - navigating napping and feeding schedules is not easy!

The answer: Squish Space at the Barbican. Somewhere between soft play and immersive art, this is a space for 0-5 year olds to discover the world around them in a dreamy, immersive setting of light, sound, and touch. It was amazing when I first took my son in 2019, and after a covid-related hiatus, it's back on at the Barbican and as wonderful as ever. Accessible from every corner of London, and best of all, it's free - just be sure to book ahead.

The problem with our Mushi cloth...

Mushi cloths multi-packs offer for washing babies and toddlers

is that there wasn't enough of it. Early feedback from you wonderful lot says that though the Mushi really is magic for mealtime cleanups (of course!), you want more than 3 to have handy in and around the house and for other unexpected cleanups. So we've gone ahead and added some tasty discounts to 3- 6- and 9-packs of the cloth. You're welcome!

And now for something completely different: all the pun-based jokes you'll ever need.

the punny man puns on twitter

If you're feeling pressure to come up with dad-jokes or PJs, worry no more. Every time I scroll on Twitter, @ThePunnyWorld has come up with something I cannot roll my eyes at enough. My current fave:

"I was really confused when my printer started playing music.

Turns out the paper was jamming."

That's all folks!


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