Weekly roundup 36: Back on track

What's your best celebrity encounter story? It's a dizzying experience to be honest. Brook and I once got shooed away from approaching Shah Rukh Khan by his bodyguard outside John Lewis once. My brother once met Loyle Carner in Hackney and couldn't stop talking about it for days. I once walked past Peter Crouch filming in front of a Carphone Warehouse (I kept walking).

So it was a familiar giddiness with which reached out to the legendary Totter + Tumble on Insta a few weeks ago, when we saw some monkeys... monkeying around with their boxes at London Zoo. And when Totter + Tumble responded, we were a little starstuck. The lesson is to shoot your shot kids, because you don't know when it will work out for you! This week we're absolutely delighted to share Totter + Tumble's founder Susie in our Spotlight series.

Other than that, it's been an uncomfortable week or two waiting for our products to move 😬 but I'm so happy to say we're back on track: the Mushi cloths have cleared their hurdles and are on their way to our warehouse. This means that the next time you hear from me is when they will be LIVE and available to buy from our shop. If you want to know more about their cleaning power and sustainable credentials, read below. Then scroll back up and sign up to the waitlist so you can get a cheeky discount when they're first available.

- Shreya

The Spotlight: Susie Stubbs, Founder of Totter + Tumble

totter and tumble playmats designed for babies and kids tummy time

You've seen Totter + Tumble's gorgeous playmats in the most beautiful playrooms  - and living rooms! - on the internet, and we're over the moon to be able to feature Susie in this series. After experiencing "pure frustration with the garish, low quality jigsaw playmats", Susie founded Totter + Tumble to create a beautiful, luxury alternative that subtly fit in to your interior style whilst still being highly practical for the busy family home. Read about their journey here.

You can use Mushi cloths again and again: here's why

mushi cloths are re-useable again and again

Swapping disposable wet wipes - even self-proclaimed biodegradable ones - with a reusable alternative like the Mushi can actually make an enormous different on your environmental footprint. Have a read here of why.

If you want to raise curious kids, start with kindness

raising curious kids means raising kind kids

Instilling a healthy curiosity in kids sets them up so well for many, many aspects of life. But it's easier said than done, and takes a lot of consistent, incremental effort. Brook's taken a whack at breaking it down - have a read here. Curious kids are raised by curious grown ups - do you agree?

And now for something completely different: new music from an old favourite

red hot chilli peppers

I'm going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers this weekend and my 15 year old self is hyped. Sweeping side fringe: check. Half-hearted attempt to learn the guitar: check. Band T-shirt: working on it. Put their new album on, loud, and hark back to a simpler time.

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