Weekly roundup 35: Summer inside and out

It's going to get up to 34 degrees in London today: stay hydrated, get the sunscreen on, and find some shade! That's the most important thing to tell you really. Also, if the heatwave has you thinking about a beach trip, see below 👀

- Shreya

get ready for a summer with kids

P.S. A special shoutout to diligent SUDs reader, Isaac from Cornwall. Isaac, would you like to feature in our Village People series

N.O. spells no.

how to say no to your kids create boundaries and help your kids understand consent

Real talk: consent is a really important thing to get right with the kids we're raising. Today, we understand consent so much better than the world did 20 or 50 years ago, and if we're to raise a generation that goes beyond us in respecting being told 'no', it's important to start these conversations early. 

Obviously, that's a super daunting task and requires us to look at our own behaviour pretty closely! As Brook argues, it comes down to consistency, boundaries, and breathing room. Well worth a read!

Everything you need for a perfect beach day with the kids - as told by TikTok

how to have the perfect beach day out this summer

Listen, it's too hot to be reading, isn't it. So instead, I've gone and had a scroll of TikTok searching for the best vids compiling tips and tricks for the perfect beach trip with the family. From packing the bag to setting up under the sun, to possibly a bit of magic with talcum powder that takes the sand right off your skin at the end of the day. Get inspired, then get booking your train tickets to the seaside!

The 7 steps to prepare for a great baby bath time

The 7 steps to prepare your baby's first bath

It's not rocket science... but it's not exactly easy either, let's be honest. Fortunately, this handy guide has demystified bath times: you're welcome!

And now for something completely different: put some summer on the table

buy peonies this summer to make your home fabulous

Peonies are extremely luxurious. They smell incredible, bloom so big, and they last a good long while. They don't have to cost the earth (I got a bunch in Aldi for about £3.50), and they have *lit up* the living room. Treat yourself.

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