Weekly roundup 33: We're early, are you too late?

33: Are you too late?

Very soon after I pressed SEND on last week's email, our Heads Up tummy time mat actually sold out. We're shocked, amazed, and most of all grateful for all of you taking a chance on us 🥺 It means so much to a small business getting off the ground.

It's fair to say we didn't see it coming - at least not so soon. So we've got a little thumb-twiddling to do while we wait for our next shipments of products to roll into our warehouses. Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks:

🚨Our Mushi reusable cleaning cloths are set to launch 8TH JUNE. These babies are your one-stop shop solution for all post-mealtime cleanup: faces, hands, neck folds, tabletops. Microfibres pick up even the stickiest of food residues, and they're exactly the right size for kids to grab by the fistful and get cleaning themselves. As always, hit me up if you'd like a discount 😉 (though you can also just sign up to the waitlist by clicking the link above and get 10% off)

🚨The second shipment of the Heads Up tummy time water mats are due to land first week of July. The first reviews coming in are all ✨glowing✨, naturally. If you missed out, sign up to the waitlist for the second drop - and again, we'll give you one of those discount codes we love to dish out.

🚨We're also designing a new, bigger, even better water mat based on some of the wonderful feedback you gave us. It's going to be a beaut.

🥳 But the biggest news is probably that we got our hands on the final Pebbl brush samples this week. This product has been designed from scratch - from bristle size to grip shape, to drying hook. It's suitable for babies and grown ups, and you can see more on it here. Honestly, it's gorgeous and I am so so excited to see what you think. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. We're hoping to launch it in the next couple of months.

But anyway, how are YOU doing? Any JUBILEE BANK HOLIDAY plans? Any thoughts on what you'd like to be seeing from us? Let me know 📨


A chat with Mr Avery: teacher, author, dad, uncle

tom avery, teacher, children's author, dad, uncle

The blog isn't too heavy this week, but all the better to let the latest in our Village People series stand out. A wonderful chat with Tom Avery, a North London primary school teacher, children's book author, and Generally Delightful Person. Hearing Tom talk about his vision for the kids he teaches honestly gives me hope for the education system. If you read one thing this week, make it this.

Want to try Mushi, please?

mushi cloths help kids clean up their own mealtime mess fuss free with a reuseable cloth that doesn't cost the earth

If you do mealtimes with little ones, and would be interested in trying out the Mushi cloth BEFORE it goes on sale, I'd love to hear from you! Give me a shout (just reply to this email) and I'll arrange to send you some, free of charge, in exchange for a little feedback from you and maybe some pics you would be happy for us to share on social. A win-win!

Rub a dub dub

step by step guide on how to moisturise your baby

Moisturising is as important a part of looking after skin as washing it, but it can seem daunting without needing to be. I've written comprehensive guide to moisturising babies - especially useful for parents of newborns or anyone new to the babysitting-overnight game.

And now for something completely different: Let's get Lizzy

queen elizabeth platinum jubilee celebrations

Half-term is nearly upon us, and the Platinum Jubilee soon follows. Here's a whole website dedicated to events taking place to celebrate the iconic Queen Elizabeth, searchable by location. You're welcome x

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