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Last week was BIG! We shipped our latest product - Mushi face & hands cleansing cloths - and you can catch a little bit of a teaser on them here. Watch this space though, more to come in the weeks ahead!

We also got a bit emotional seeing some of the feedback on our Heads Up tummy time mat. Check this out on Tiktok! If you've recently bought a mat, we'd love to hear what you think as well. Add a review here or if you're feeling bold, create your own Tiktok.

- Brook

Tummy time, month-by-month

heads up tummy time play mat for babies builds strength, develops core, neck and shoulders, helps your baby reach development milestones and improve hand-eye coordination

We've created the ultimate guide to tummy time milestones so you can make sure your baby stays on track. Have a read and see how your baby is matching up. There's no pressure to stick to milestones, but they can be a helpful guide to know how best to support your baby as they grow. Alternatively, If you're already using the Heads Up tummy time mat, check out what you should be looking for in their development as they're spending more time on their front.

Toys in, toys out

toy box club subscription

We write a lot about toys. They're a big part of childhood. In particular we wrote about what rental toys could do in reducing plastic waste for households and dodging the toy creep that threatens to take over our small flat in Hackney. So this week we were delighted to speak to Sheela Berry, co-founder of Toy Box Club about how her business is doing just that, making beautiful, curated toys available on subscription so you can keep waste to a minimum while keeping your kids inspired. 

A cloth for kids, like no other

mushi microfibre cloths make it easy to clean your kids face and hands after mealtime

We're big on baby-led weaning. Letting a little mess rule is great if it means our kids can learn to feed themselves, developing fine motor skills and learning to try a range of different textures and tastes. The downside, is that it comes with mess. When you hit three meals a day, that can be a lot! So we've created Mushi cloths, not only to make meal time easy, but also to reduce the waste that comes from the disposable wipes we all use much too often. Learn more about how Mushi cloths might just help save us from suffocating in wet wipes.

Great motor skills aren't just for Lewis Hamilton

children develop gross motor skills as a core part of their development

Motor skills - sitting, walking, running etc - are something we develop in such a short amount of time from birth to being a toddler. They're often skills we just take for granted till we're old and we start to lose them again! But these skills don't just happen, our kids need nurturing and encouraging to explore and discover the world around them. In fact, developing great motor skills from a young age is essential to kids also improving their cognitive and communication development. Here's our guide to motor skills and why encouraging as much activity from a young age is so important.

And now for something completely different: Try this parenting hack...

parenting hack to help children remember the good things they've tried before

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