Weekly roundup 29: Where are our other products?

29: Got new products on lock(down)

Hello new subscribers - including our Heads Up giveaway winner, Courtenay! As we await shipment of our second batch of tummy time mats, you might have seen on our insta that we've been finalising details on TWO new products in the pipeline: the Mushi reusable cleansing cloth, and our main baby, the Pebbl bath time brush! Unfortunately, the shipment of both have been affected by lockdowns in China. Still, we wait in hope as things get going again. In the meantime, you can champion us by shouting from the rooftops about the Heads Up mat

- Shreya

Why you should teach your kids to bath themselves

You know we're all about #DIYKids at GRASP - teaching kids to take initiative and learn to care for themselves from the get go. Think about it: there's been a huge generation shift towards baby-led weaning in the last few years, teaching kids to pay attention to their appetites and feed themselves in line with what their motor skills allow - why not the same intuitive approach to personal care? Read on the blog about how and why the bath is the best place to start!

Why you should teach your baby to bath themselves

Getting cosy with Hayley Simmons, founder of luxury bedding brand, FABLES

In out Spotlight series, we feature brands that inspire us. Hayley at FABLES does exactly that, by bringing gorgeous design and great quality fabric and manufacture to the space of kids' bedding. Hayley's brought her interior design background to tackling a real-life problem she's experienced first hand as she raises a family, and from chatting to her, it's clear her positive mindset and high standards will see FABLES go far. Check it out here.

hayley simmons founder of fables luxury organic bedding for kids

A sorry state: why it's worth teaching your kids to apologise - and how!

We would all LOVE kids (not just my own, I mean ALL kids) to have the most amazing, compassionate manners, but the truth is they learn by example 😬 so unless I change my own behaviour, the kids around me have a ways to go. A short-circuit may be helpful to pull me out of my ways, and Brook's written a great one here on apologies: How to say sorry!

how to teach your kids to say sorry

Home is where the art is

Have you been to the Museum of the Home since it reopened? Laid out as a series of living rooms from over the decades, and conventiently located by Hoxton Overground, this place is a great one to take kids to - either one's own or a fun babysitting playdate.  There are beautiful gardens and a cafe, and a roster of fun events. Look out for their pyjama party in June!

the museum of the home in Hackney is a great place to take your kids

And now for something a little different: honey beer bread

This isn't a SUDS special but I just feel very passionately about bread. Bank holiday weekend will hopefully provide a chance to enjoy a BBQ/picnic/pub garden (delete as appropriate), but if you find yourself with a spare tinny or two, try baking a loaf with it.

Stir together 360g self raising flour with 30g sugar, 110g honey and 1 bottle (~360ml beer) until just mixed together. Pop in a greased loaf tin and pop in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes. Let it cool a little, slice up, butter and enjoy (with a cup of tea).

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