Weekly roundup 27: Take it (eggs over) easy

What a GOOD Friday! Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather and have plans for relaxation and celebration over the next few days. This week's email is best enjoyed with your feet up and with mini eggs on hand. Happy reading!

- Shreya

Coming soon: Mushi face & hands reusable cleansing clothsmushi face and hands cleansing cloths remove muck and grim post-mealtime to make clean up easy

The second product in our roster, the Mushi cleansing cloth for mealtimes, is almost ready to ship to our warehouses, meaning it will be available to buy in the next few weeks. They're soft, versatile - everything from face and hands to spills and smears! - and designed for kids to use themselves. As a SUDS subscriber, you'll get first dibs 😉 - reply to this email for a cheeky discount code to use when it goes on sale.

6 things to check during your baby’s tummy time

tummy time play mat helps your baby build core, neck and shoulder strength

Until they're good at it, babies don't love spending time on their fronts, You can make it easier for them by getting them a lovely, beautiful, visually and physically stimulating water mat, but tummy time is still a skill that needs building up. 
Even with the right equipment, there's a few things you can do to check that your baby is getting the best out of their tummy time. Read this handy check list here of things to look our for while baby is on their front - also enjoy the many cute pics of this little charmer 😍.

Soapbox: Teach your kids to be directteach your kids to be directHow are you finding our Soapbox series? I'll be honest, I'm finding it a little hard. We want to be deliberate about even the details of raising our kids, but it's daunting to write it down and ask if it's a) how we really feel, and b) something we're living up to. What do you think?

This week, Brook's picked apart a big thing in our home atm, which is to encourage the kids to ask for what they really want - and how making them do so will (hopefully!) help raise their confidence in the long run.

And now for something completely different: oat flour is the new... flour

oat flour is the new flour which is great for kids with gluten intolerances

One of our kids possibly has a gluten intolerance. Most mealtimes and cooking it's not really an issue for now, but I find the idea of gluten-free baking quite daunting. For that reason, and also that oats are cheap and abundant, I'm so happy to see oat flour taking off as a food trend (if that's a thing). This week I made oat-flour brownies, using my usual recipe (Hummingbird Bakery one), but replacing regular flour with oat flour (embarrassingly easy to whip up at home) and half a teaspoon of baking powder. The brownies came out so good! Soft and fudge and very satisfying. 10/10 recommend.

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