Weekly roundup 26: Waste no time

It's been a crazy, exciting week at GRASP. As you might have seen, the Heads Up tummy time play mat is now on sale - and with our second shipment currently stuck in Shanghai in lockdown 😱, this first batch is limited stock! So if you're wanting to snap one up for yourself or a gift, now is the time to do it.

Not only that, but we're deep into designing packaging and refining the final details for the gorgeous, all-new Pebbl bath time brush. This brush is the real labour of love at GRASP, each detail painstakingly considered to make this brush do everything you need to get your kids confident about washing. Watch this space for more on that soon 🤐 👀

- Shreya

In conversation with Anna Priadka, founder of Fiils

anna priadka founder of Fiils refillable liquid soap

For the latest in our Spotlight series, we spoke to Anna Priadka, founder and CEO of Fiils, the refillable beauty company making hair, body and had washes from 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and organic ingredients. Read all about how Fiil's launch just before the pandemic was the perfect timing for a business of their kind, and how you can make positive changes from small habit tweaks!

Soapbox: Putting honesty above all will make you a confident parent

honesty above all leads to confident kids

"How honest your kids are with you is the best gauge of the health of your relationship with them. First, because an honest relationship with your kids won’t happen without unconditional love, and unconditional love is at the heart of every healthy relationship with kids. Second, because an honest relationship won’t happen without open communication. For you to be able to talk with your kids openly requires you to be present."

A little honest talk from Brook on the foundations of conversation with kids! Read in full here.

The village around your child is made up of countless people just doing their jobs.

Susan, a community worker in Hackney, who loves empowering parents and kids to come together and build the village they want to see!

In our Village People series, we're looking at the people who influence kids as they grow up. A massive part of that the time kids spend away from their primary caregivers - in nurseries, playgroups, schools, and clubs. This week, I talked to the lovely Susan, a community worker in Hackney, who loves empowering parents and kids to come together and build the village they want to see! Don't miss her words of wisdom here.

And now for something completely different: your new sporting obsession

drive to survive is the way to get anyone into formula 1 fandom

Bear with me here. I'm not that into sports, but I do believe every good habit starts with a really good documentary. Drive to Survive (Netflix) is a really great deep dive into the world of Formula 1, and makes for excellent viewing. Having raced my way through all four seasons, I'll be watching the Australian Grand Prix this weekend as a technical expert. 

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