Weekly roundup 25: WILL you ROCK our world

Hello GRASPers - and a special hello to new subscribers 😉,

This week on SUDs, we had a lovely chat with the delightful Eliza, co-founder of KANKAN, and I dusted off the typewriter and wrote a little something for the Soapbox series. Also, as the school holidays approach, take a look at some fantastic days out for Easter egg hunts!

Plus, keep your eyes on our instagram this week, where our first shipped tummy time mat will appear 🥺.

- Shreya

luxury botanical soap with founder eliza flanagan kankan london

Spotlight: Eliza Flanagan, co-founder of KANKAN


KANKAN delivers its range of gorgeous botanical liquid soap refills for hands, body and babies in iconic cans. Co-founder, Eliza, talks to us about the beautiful idea of deriving new value from things we don't think of as valuable, by placing them in new concepts. Read the full profile here.

bar soap vs liquid soap and why there's only one winner

Raising the bar for what you get out of your soap

We're really excited at GRASP HQ about putting the final touches on the Pebbl bath time brush at the moment, and we're also thinking further ahead about making more washing tools that are best for our bodies and the planet. How do you balance the best of both? It could all start with the type of soap you use. Read here about the advantages of liquid and bar, and which one might be best for you.

the importance of telling your kids off in private

Telling off your kids should be a private affair

This week I've bravely stepped on the Soapbox for the first time, to tackle the light and breezy topic of... how to tell your kids off.  My take is, it should be done away from the eyes and ears of others.  I'd be keen to hear your view on it though - you can reply to this email or leave a comment on the blog here.

easter ideas for kids in London

Easter egg hunts in and around London

Piccolo Explorer has put together an absolutely *cracking* list of Easter egg hunts to be enjoyed in the city this year. With a range of locations and budgets covered, there's fun days out to be had thought the school holidays. Check it out here.

And now for something completely different: Munya Chawawa on Will Smith

will smith munya chawawa

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, and duly sent the internet into meltdown. There have been memes on memes on memes, and a specific corner of Twitter devoted itself to waking up Munya Chawawa so he could crack out one of his beloved parodies. I recommend watching it a few times to really soak in the lyrical and visual genius at work.

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