How to use a bathtime silicone body and hair scrub?

How to use a silicone scrub for washing body and hair

It feels like silicone is the new plastic. For kids there’s plates and bibs, and for kids and adults there are now bath and shower body and hair scrubbers all being made out of silicone. Then there’s your phone case, your kitchen utensils and your toilet brush. All made out of silicone. Why?

Silicone is versatile, flexible and when made right, it's non-porous (in other words, you don’t have problems with bacteria building up in between the fibres of the material). It’s also super soft which is the real game changer when it comes to washing yourself or your kids.

Why are silicone bath brushes better for washing?

Silicone body scrubbers are more hygienic than sponges or loofahs.

Why do sponges store bacteria in your bathroom

For a long time when it came to washing, you’d be left with some pretty grim choices. Synthetic sponges harbour a huge amount of bacteria (second only to your shower curtain), loofahs are even worse and even natural sea sponges eventually disintegrate (and they’re expensive). Silicone scrubbers on the other hand can be used again and again, washed in the dishwasher to keep them hygienic and they’re soft enough to use on even young children’s skin.

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Silicone body scrubber bristles give you the perfect amount of exfoliation

silicone body and hair scrub for bathtime has soft silicone bristles that are gentle on sensitive skin

Silicone bristles are very mildly exfoliating. Exfoliation is not something we like to think about when it comes to kid’s skin. But in truth, we all need at least some gentle exfoliation when we wash. That’s what removes dead skin cells and surface level dirt to actually get you clean. It’s just a question of what you’re going to use to do it. Traditional sponges and loofahs will exfoliate as well, but are you just putting more bacteria back onto the skin?

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Silicone body scrubbers uses less soap

We designed our Pebbl silicone body and hair scrubber specifically with kids in mind. We were tired of putting soap on a sponge and it mostly ending up in the bath. Also, soap on a sponge is a pretty useless tool to give your kids – like giving them an adult sized toothbrush or cutlery, they’re never going to learn to wash that way. But with silicone body scrubbers, you open the cap and put the amount of soap you want to use inside the brush. When you add a little water as well, you can shake and create lather within the brush that you can then squeeze out.

The 16 best reasons to use our silicone bath time body and hair scrubber, Pebbl

Of course, there are some badly designed silicone body brushes out there and we tested them. Like these reviews show, the soap was just leaking out. So we perfected the silicone brush so it doesn’t leak and the cap stays closed. It means you get the best lather every time with just a simple squeeze of the brush in the palm of your hand – or in the palm of your kid’s hand.

 Pebbl silicone bath time body and hair bath and shower scrub

How do you fill up and dispense soap with a silicone bath brush? 

The point of the silicone body scrub is not to store soap. You want to fill it at each shower or bath time like you would for a traditional sponge of loofah.

How to fill the Pebbl silicone body scrubber.

how to wash your kids with a silicone bath time body scrub

First open the cap by pulling the small silicone tab. This can be a little fiddly, ideally you’ll have even a little bit of nail on your fingers to help you, but it’s designed that way to keep it secure when you’re washing with it.

Pull up the cap and reach for your favourite soap. Pour a little of the soap in – probably slightly less than you would usually. For kids I’d be using a 2-in-1 body and hair wash for them so you’d be pouring in enough soap to be able to wash body and hair. If you’re an adult, I like to add shampoo first (allowing time for it to sit in my hair while I wash my body) and then do the body soap or shower gel after that. 

Once you’ve added your soap, add a little water by dipping the brush quickly in the bath or holding it, cap open, under the water as the shower is running. It doesn’t need to be a lot of water, just enough to get the lather of your soap going.

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How to wash with the Pebbl silicone body scrubber 

Now it’s filled with a little soap and water, give your brush a shake. Yep, like a polaroid picture! Now you’ve got yourself the foaming, lathering soap you want you can get to work scrubbing. Just give a gentle squeeze on the sides of the brush while you hold the scrubber in the palm of your hands.

 How to use a silicone body scrub for washing body and hair

Once you’ve got it activated, you can pass it to your kids – attach the wrist strap if you fancy – and let them get to work. It’s a simple bit of coordination for them – squeezing and scrubbing all over – that will also improve their motor skills. Start them off by scrubbing their hair, then moving on to the other parts of their body that get most sweaty and dirty.

As the brush starts to run out of soap, you’ll need to squeeze more firmly to get the last of it out, but by then you’ll be all wrapped up. Once your kids have finished washing. Uncap the brush give it a little rinse out and then hang it up to dry.

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washing with a silicone body scrub for washing kids hair and body

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