Christmas 2022 Gift Guide for Babies and Little Kids ages 0-5

Little kids are either wonderfully simple or terribly difficult to buy for, and with Christmas fast approaching, it's high time to get them ticked off your list. As they're flying through development milestones and doubling in size every few months, it can be hard to work out what sort of clothes or toys are just right for where they're at. If that's something you've been puzzling, look no further. This year I've put together a gift guide just focusing on under-5s! It's full of good ideas for every budget and aesthetic, so you're sure to find something you'll love. Plus, a little section dedicated to parents, because we all know behind every cute babe is a tired and grateful grown up holding it together. You're welcome!

- Shreya

Just so you know, this post contains some affiliate links.

Gifts for babies under 12 months

Rainmaker toy | Kidly

A beautiful rainmaker toy from Kidly, for babes to practice grabbing and turning shaking and staring at. Currently £7.50 (reduced from £9).

Satin-edged white cellular blanket | The White Company

The White Company's heirloom quality satin-edged cellular blankets, available in two sizes in white, pink, blue, or grey from £20.

Graphic black and white pram book | Amazon

A striking black and white baby pram book from Taf Toys, £15. The rare combination of visually stimulating for babies but also pleasant to look at.


Heads Up inflatable tummy time mat | GRASP

GRASP's very own viral-on-Tiktok Heads Up tummy time inflatable water playmat, £15. Also visually striking, and with a ton of other benefits you can read up on the link.

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Gentle Bath

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Gentle Bath & Wash, £4.19. One of my personal faves - smells delicious.

Gifts for toddlers (1-3 years)

Stacking toy from IKEA

Multicolour stacking rings, £9.50 in Ikea. Ikea have recently updated their wooden toys so chances are your gift-receiving little one doesn't have this yet. Stay foxy!

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers - a hilarious book about kids' logic. £8.55 in paperback.


Wooden ice lollies | John Lewis and Partners

Wooden ice lollies, currently £10 in John Lewis (reduced from £12.50). You're right, I do love wooden toys and these are really sweet.

Mushi cleaning cloths | GRASP

Gotta mention GRASP's magic Mushi microfibre cleaning cloths, designed for exactly this age group's many, many messes - £12 for 3 and with big savings on bundles.


Washable paints | Crayola

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit, £18.90. All the artsy fun, none of the pen on the sofa and walls.

Gifts for pre-schoolers (3-5 years)

The life cycle of a snowflake

Little Snowflake board book, £7.96. All about the life cycle of a snowflake from fall to melt to freeze again. Really cute and seasonally appropriate.

Lego Creative Suitcase, £17.99. Lego isn't recommended under the age of 4 because small parts can be a choking hazard, so this is the perfect starter kit to introduce your little one to a whole new world of construction when they come of age.

Zara Kids belted body bag, £12.99 and available in green, pink, or light brown. Versatile, roomy, and perfect for packing with little boxes of raisins for snack time. 

GRASP Pebbl bath time brush, £18. Honestly, the only reason you should need a gift guide is because you've bought this brush for everyone you know. It's beautiful, makes a mountain of suds from even the most basic soap, and gets kids scrubbing up in no time. A no-brainer, for all ages.

Crayola washable paints, £7.62. Bright colours, easy to dispense. Celery stencil not included but I'm definitely going to try it at home (with the kids).

Gifts for grown ups

The Classic Christmas Sleekster, £24.50 from Hotel Chocolat. Abundant chocolates in cute shapes and chef's-kiss flavours: a sure winner.

Your Babycare Bible, £24.99 in hardcover. This book has everything you need to know about looking after babies. Hospitals should give you a copy when you leave with the baby after birth to be honest - covering everything from how to change a nappy to essential first aid, it's the perfect book for new parents and erstwhile babysitters alike.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream, £5.09. An *essential* purchase for all adults to be honest - this stuff is magic, not just for hands but also dry lips, elbows, etc.

1000ml Water Bottle with Time Marker, £10.19 - available in... many colours. If there is one thing everyone can do with more of, it's water. This bottle is made from all the right materials and comes with handy markings to encourage hydration throughout the day, plus a fruit strainer for extra flavour.


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £16.80 for 75ml. This stuff is legit, and I say that as someone who's gone through a few bottles. No matter how stressful the day, a spritz of this signals rest and relaxation and, I'm convinced, a better night's sleep. Not likely to be something a grown up buys themselves in the thick of raising kids, so it makes a lovely gift.

Happy shopping!

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