8 best bath sponges for kids

best bath time sponge for kids

Choosing the right bath time essentials for your kids can be key to their enjoyment of bath time and also key to making it less stressful for whichever adult is in charge.

We put a lot of thought into the best bath toys, the best skincare to use on sensitive skin and even what the best bath towel is. But we often don't think much about what to wash our kids with - the actual tools to get the job done. 

For us, that lack of forethought on what sponge to use meant using synthetic sponges gifted with a top and tail bowl at the birth of our first child. We used them for far too long (warning here about just how much bacteria there is on your average bath time sponge). 

So what should you consider when choosing a bath sponge for your kids? We look at the following:

What makes a great bath sponge

Without getting too analytical about this, here's what we recommend thinking about:

1. Will my bath sponge go mouldy? How long will it last before it needs replacing

Replacing a bath sponge is never going to be top of mind for any parent. So it's best to get something that's going to last. Synthetic sponges don't last long and trap more bacteria. Natural sea sponges are a better option, but require some care. Going silicone might just be the best option for hygiene.

2. Is the sponge or scrub suitable for sensitive skin?

There's a fine balance between washing your kid's skin thoroughly to avoid build of bacteria in folds of skin, and irritating sensitive skin. Baby skin is far more sensitive than adult skin, so the right sponge or scrub needs to be gentle enough on skin for regular bathing, but also do the job throughly. 

3. Will the sponge or scrub do a good job of actually washing my kids' skin?

This is the tension between a sponge of scrub that's kind to sensitive skin and a brush or scrub that actually removes dirt and muck effectively. Not washing effectively can lead to more sensitive skin over time because dirt or dead skin cells not properly exfoliated away can cause irritation. 

4. As my child grows up, is the sponge easy for my child to start using themselves? 

This was not something we considered at all with our first child. As doting parents, we wanted to do everything. With 3 kids who were 3 and under however, it was a different story. We paid much more attention to tools that helped kids be independent. We didn't have enough hands to do everything, so it mattered that the right sponge or scrub at bath time helped our older kids learn to start washing themselves.

What are best bath sponges for kids

You can read more about how to choose the best bath sponges for babies and toddlers here. But here is our list of favourite bathtime sponges, scrubs and brushes that are best for washing sensitive skin, hygienically and effectively while getting your kids hands on in bathtime.

the best silicone bath sponge for kids

The best silicone bath sponge

Our own Pebbl silicone bath time scrub is of course our favourite for washing. It works incredibly well for all skin types - adult and children. 

Pebbl has super soft silicone bristles that make it ideal for sensitive skin. It's easy for kids to hold and start washing themselves. You can open the cap to add soap at each bathtime for the perfect lather every time you wash your kids.  

It's designed to last forever, made from food-grade silicone that won't go mouldy and it dries quickly so you can take it anywhere.

The best bath sponge for sensitive skin

There are a number of super gentle sponges for sensitive skin. You could either try our own silicone brush, or check out a natural sea sponge which is incredibly soft. 

Alternatively, try a konjac sponge that will be super soft and gentle on skin.

The best hygienic sponge for bathtime

All synthetic and natural bath sponges will eventually go mouldy. Your bath sponge is one of bacteria's favourite places to grow (damp and warm conditions are perfect). Silicone scrubs are great because they are non-permeable so you can easily sterilise them - or just wash them in the dishwasher. 

An alternative hygienic option is a washable flannel you can put in the washing machine. Check out the reuseable cloths that are great for washing.

The best reuseable bath sponge

Ideally our own silicone bath brush - Pebbl - is the best reuseable option. You wont ever need to replace it. 

You could also try wash cloths or flannels that you can put in the dishwasher and use 1000s times. Try these reuseable cloths for washing at bathtime. 

The best natural bath sponge

You can read more about natural sea sponges here. These are a popular natural choice - albeit they can be expensive. Super soft and gentle, they are great at washing sensitive skin. But they are not always easy for young kids to use themselves.

The best soap-filled bath sponge

There are several options here and they all help make bathtime more enjoyable and easier to get kids building up the habit of washing. Soapsox

The best bath sponge for enjoyable bathtimes.

 Any bathtime accessory that transports kids into a world of play is great at getting them engaged in bathtime and breakdowns any resistance they might have. We love Bathtime Buddies range of bathtime sponges that will help make kids fall in love with bath time. 


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