16 reasons to love our Pebbl bath time cleansing and scrubbing brush for kids

Pebbl is the bath time brush that changes the way your kids wash. It quite literally puts the power of great health and hygiene habits in the palm of their hand. 

We spent a long time, back and forward with designers, prototyping the ergonomic shape for kids' hands and refining the flow of soap through the brush to get great lather with minimal fuss. 

We love the brush we've created. But here are 16 reasons why you should love it too...

1. Pebbl makes it easier to wash your kids

Pebbl is designed ergonomically for little and big hands alike, so if you're washing your kids or your giving Pebbl to them to wash themselves, it makes light work of head-to-toe scrubbing.

Pebbl makes it easy to wash your kids at bath time

2. Pebbl is a fun activity for kids in the bath

For young kids that have fallen out of love with bathtime, Pebbl puts the fun back in their hands. Giving kids a sense of ownership and having washing themselves be something they do, not something done to them can change the whole tone of bath time.

Pebbl makes bathtime fun for kids

3. Pebbl teaches kids to wash themselves

Fundamentally we created GRASP to give kids the tools they need to look after their own health and hygiene and Pebbl does just that for bath time. With it's silicone strap, ergonomic shape and soap cavity for carefully dispensing lathered soap at the squeeze of a hand, you can be confident young kids can the hang of washing themselves with confidence.

pebbl bath time cleansing brush teaches infants to wash themsselves

4. Pebbl looks beautiful and the colours suit every bathroom design

Choose a Pebbl brush that suits your kids and your bathroom. Fun, vibrant colours that accent your bathroom aesthetic means end to the eye-sore of bathroom clutter. Choose a single Pebbl in your favourite colour or buy a range for all your kids (or the whole family), add our no-fuss, no-stain, adhesive hooks to your tiles and enjoy tasteful bath times thereafter. 

pebbl bath time cleansing brush comes in four beautiful colours for every bathroom

5. Pebbl is hygienic and non-porous

Unlike other loofahs, washcloths or sponges, Pebbl's food-grade silicone moulding means it wont go mouldy over time. It's non-porous surface means you can wash it easily and it wont be contaminated by the bacteria that grows so easily in the damp, warm environment of your bathroom - let alone your bathroom sponge that you've kept a few too many weeks. 

Pebbl bathtime cleansing brush is hygienic and non-porous so you can make sure it's free from bacteria

6. Pebbl dries fast making it perfect for travel

Pebbl is a great travel companion. Compact and durable it also dries quickly without going hard or mouldy so you can use it again and again whenever you're on the go. Give is a shake out and leave with the cap open to dry thoroughly. 

Pebbl bath time brush is the perfect wash travel companion because it's light, compact and dries quickly.

7. Pebbl comes with a hook and cord to hang it up out of the way

We didn't just stop with a beautifully design brush and cord for washing. We were always annoyed at where exactly you were meant to put your sponge, cloth or loofah - carefully trying to hang them off parts of the shower taps and knobs. So with Pebbl we created the complete bath time experience with a matching hook and and cord that means you can stick it to your tiles with no fuss and keep Pebbl out of the way when not in use. 

Pebbl bath brush comes with a cord and hook to hang in your bath or shower

8. Pebbl has silicone bristles that exfoliate gently

What actually happens when we wash our skin? We're very gently removing sweat, dirt and dead skin cells to encourage skin renewal. Pebbl uses super soft silicone bristles for the gentlest of exfoliation that's ideal for infant skin.

 Pebbl bath time brush has super soft silicone bristles that exfoliate gently

9. Pebbl's soap chamber means less wasted soap

Try giving a soapy sponge to a young child and you'll find there's very little that makes it onto their skin. We designed Pebbl as an upgrade to sponges and cloths so that most of the soap you use doesn't end up in the bath but on their skin and hair, where it's meant to go. Add soap and water to the cavity, close the cap, give it a shake and then let your kids get to work. Soap is dispensed with every squeeze so the soap only goes where it's meant to go.

Add a squirt of soap to Pebbl to waste less soap

10. Pebbl dispenses soap as you squeeze, creating better lather 

There's nothing special about lather - it's not really a sign of better washing. AND YET, we love it! It's what gives us that fun, clean feeling. And kids love it too. So what's better than a wash where there's plenty of lather guaranteed every use! Shake and squeeze Pebbl for plenty of lather without having to use huge amounts of soap to get there.

Pebbl creates lather when you squeeze it

11. Pebbl massages kid's scalp for better shampoo absorption 

Hair washing is really about washing your scalp, so Pebbl releases soap where it's meant to go while the super soft silicone bristles gently massage their scalp. 

Pebbl washes kids' hair effectively

12. Pebbl's curved bristles means you can wash in all the tricky spots 

We've designed Pebbl bristles to make it easier to wash in all the tricky places that muck and dirt get trapped. With longer and shorter bristles, your kids can clean under necks and behind knees with ease.

Pebbl curved silicone bristles help your kids clean in all the tricky spots

13. Pebbl is dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean, thoroughly!

Sponges and loofahs, along with shower curtains are the biggest stores of bacteria in your bathroom. Gross! But it makes sense - you've got a damp room, damp sponge and lots of bacteria flying about, of course they're going to grow in that thing you've not disinfected or thrown out for months. Pebbl is non-porous so any bacteria only grows at surface level and this means it can easily be disinfected simply by popping it in the dishwasher. Cleaning just got cleaner!

Pebbl is dishwasher safe

14. Pebbl develops kids' dexterity, fine motor skills and palm grasp 

We designed Pebbl to help kids learn to clean themselves. But the truth is, doing more fun activities as part of their regular routines has knock on effects for their success in all areas of life. Improving dexterity and motor strength by squeezing and scrubbing with the Pebbl brush.

pebbl bath time brush for kids improves dexterity and increases fine motor and gross motor strength 

15. Pebbl's controlled soap dispensing means less soap in eyes when washing hair 

The Pebbl soap cavity and lather release means less soap wasted, but it also helps keep soap out of eyes when washing kids' hair. It will make sure soap only goes where it's meant to go without it running down into their eyes. Peaceful hair washing means Pebbl makes bath time a whole lot less stressful.

Pebbl release soap carefully so you don't get soap in toddlers eyes when washing hair

16. Pebbl is the only sponge you’ll ever need, saving you money, and saving the planet from more plastic waste and emissions.

The Pebbl brush is the only bath or shower brush / sponge you'll ever need. It's designed to last forever so you really don't need to replace it with other sponges or spend more money on other bath time accessories. 

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  • Shweta Roy

    A wonderful product launched by you, Grasp_skincare! Congratulations and best wishes! 👍

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