Spotlight: Susie Stubbs, Founder of Totter + Tumble

You've seen Totter + Tumble's gorgeous playmats in the most beautiful playrooms  - and living rooms! - on the internet, and we're over the moon to be able to feature their founder Susie Stubbs in this series. 

After experiencing "pure frustration with the garish, low quality jigsaw playmats", Susie founded Totter + Tumble to create a beautiful, luxury alternative that subtly fit in to your interior style whilst still being highly practical for the busy family home. Shop Totter & Tumble here or discover their beautiful mats in action on their Instagram here

sussie stubbs founder of totter and tumble

GRASP: Totter + Tumble combines 'kid-friendly' playmats with style that meets the design of your home. Has something changed to encourage parents that they don't have to compromise on style when it comes to kids?

SUSIE: I think there has just been a gradual change in perspective. You don’t have to suddenly forget about having a beautiful home when a baby arrives, although granted it may never be as tidy again! When I launched four years ago, I started to see a shift in the baby market for sure but since then, I have seen so many amazing new brands and products come to market for parents shopping for their little ones. Such as the Little Hoppa by Sofie, a welcomed alternative to the garish jumperoos we had just accepted.

totter & tumble playmats for babies and toddlers

GRASP: What's one of the most encouraging stories you've had from a customer that lets you know the brand is not just selling products, but doing good in the world? 

SUSIE: We have so many super stories from customers that we really love hearing and sharing as a team. Stories of little ones learning to love tummy time because they have this new, comfortable new spot to do it on. Amazing messages of families coming together more and enjoying floor play, because there is enough room for everyone on their new playmat. And incredibly, we know of at least four Totter + Tumblers giving birth on their mats now! It is amazing to think our wipedown playmats provided some support and comfort as those little lives were born.

GRASP: At GRASP we're big on challenging kids to do more and grow in confidence. At Totter + Tumble, how do you go about combining the creation of safe spaces for babies and young children with the desire for them to have freedom to learn, discover and grow?

SUSIE: Safety is and has always been paramount for our brand. When you are creating a product that is designed to be safe from birth, you need to ensure you really are providing a product that is the safest it can be. Our playmats are vigorously tested, and surpass all safety testing across the UK, EU and US. Amazingly, they even pass the same tests as teethers! Because parents can be reassured from a safety point of view, we chose luxury memory foam to provide the ideal support for development at any age and stage. Thick enough so they cannot feel the floor underneath should they take a trip or tumble, but enough space on the one-piece design for freedom, so children can grow in confidence in all of their new skills.

GRASP: Totter + Tumble is listed with major high street retailers like John Lewis who are well trusted and much loved by new parents. Why are partnerships like these so important for baby and kids' brands and why does trust matter so much for parents when it comes to choosing products for their little ones?

SUSIE: As you say, for parents shopping for their new bundles, they'll often turn to the established high street brands they trust for products. John Lewis is a brand that I and the rest of the team trust as parents ourselves, and we really felt the Totter + Tumble product sat well within their nursery department. It's been amazing to be showcased to customers who may not have found us otherwise. Their buying team's email request to stock Totter + Tumble is still a pinch me moment!

GRASP: Choosing styles that work for modern homes seems like a subtle art. What's the process behind designing your double sided mats that helps you feel confident that parents will love them in their homes?

SUSIE: We could never give away our brand's process for designing, but we can say that we enjoy tracking the latest trends for family living spaces and observing colour trends for interiors. We want to ensure our designs have an ageless appeal and will look as good in a family home this season, as they will next. They are an investment buy for families, and we want them to love their perfect playmat for years. One thing is for sure, if we don’t fall in love with the final design, it doesn’t go to market. We truly love our collection.


Our Spotlight series features founders and brands that inspire us. Whether it’s empowering kids, inspiring parents, or making sustainable solutions part of everyday life, we’ve spoken to people who embody the values at the heart of GRASP. Our hope is that these founder’s stories, the products they’re making, and their ambition to make a difference in the world also inspires you.

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